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Tattered Cover is pleased to welcome Rebecca Stirling to the McGregor Square location on October 6th at 6pm MT to celebrate her book The Shell and the Octopus! There will be a Q & A and a book signing. This is a free, nonticketed event. 


This is the story of Rebecca Stirling's childhood: a young girl raised by the sea, by men, and by literature. Circumnavigating the world on a thirty-foot sailboat, the Stirlings spend weeks at a time on the open ocean, surviving storms and visiting uncharted islands and villages. Ushered through her young life by a father who loves adventure, women, and extremes, Rebecca befriends "working girls" in the ports they visit (as they are often the only other females present in the bars that they end up in) and, on the boat, falls in love with her crewmate and learns to live like the men around her. But her driven nature and the role models in the books she reads make her determined to be a lady, continue her education, begin a career, live in a real home, and begin a family of her own. Once she finally gets away from the boat and her dad and sets to work upon making her own dream a reality, however, Rebecca begins to realize life is not what she thought it would be--and when her father dies in a tragic accident, she must return to her old life to sift through the mess and magic he has left behind.



Rebecca Stirling lives between Aspen, Colorado, and Kauai, Hawaii, with her two children. She teaches creative art and writing classes to help spread the knowledge and ingenuity of world cultures. She continues to sail and travel, read and write, and has a love for the stories individuals, cultures, and our earth have to tell.

Map & Directions

Map & Directions

Tattered Cover at McGregor Sqaure, 1991 Wazee St. Ste. 100, Denver, Colorado, United States, 80202